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You are the project

It's all about your project.

We ensure the production and success of your events.

Small or large. Paid, free or corporate.


A fixed installation, a public or private event, an incentive seminar, a show or a fair, a stand, a conference, a concert, a convention, an evening, a parade, a pop-up store, a theater festival, circus, electro, variety, world music, rock or jazz ...


We work in strict compliance with your privacy rules.


The biggest agencies, the biggest companies and the greatest luxury houses trust us.


Contact us to receive a portfolio of our achievements.


Le projet, c'est vous
La prod, c'est nous

We are the prodUCTION

Our expertise is at your service

Knowing how to delegate means ensuring that you have qualified people in the key positions of your projects. We are there to support you, to advise you, at every stage.

25 years of experience in organizing shows and events are at your service with ease to ensure your success.

You have a project, we advise you, ensure for you the feasibility study, write them

specifications, let's mount the budgets. We select the service providers, challenge the prices, manage the production, carry out the technical plans, design the lighting, assemble the best teams, ensure monitoring and management, control costs and implementation.

It is our passion, at your service.


Meanwhile, freed from operational constraints, you can devote yourself fully to developing and enriching the content of your project.

We are on deck for you.




Together we will push mountains


Your ideas, boosted and shaped by our know-how, know no limits but those of your imagination.

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